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It is not that long ago that the best selling luxury gent’s watch in the world was the Rolex Datejust 36mm. It wasn’t long before this that the best selling gent’s watch in the UK was the manual wind Smiths Deluxe, at just 33mm. 

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Tudor: a brief history and why they are so much more than rolex’s sibling.

In the eyes and minds of most people who have a shallow knowledge about watches Tudor are often considered a poor man’s Rolex. For the layman this may seem a compliment. Surely, Rolex are the best brand in the world…


Credor Spring Drive Eichi II 10th Anniversary

That very day happened recently when a Credor Eichi II Spring Drive 10th Anniversary Limited Edition, reference GBLT998, turned up at the store. It was love at first sight. Not the sort of “That’s nice, I love it” admiration but one that runs 

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The Breitling Top Time Limited Edition

Until recently, the Top Time was, staggeringly, an unknown, under-achiever, on the various auction web sites, even during the period of exponential price increase mental-ness within the vintage collectable markets. 

Graham Chronofighter Vintage

Introduction Despite the assortment of colours within the Chronofighter Superlight Carbon range and the variety of engravings on the sapphire glass of the Chronofighter Graffitis,

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Graham FSU

2CVDS.B29F – Chronofighter Graffiti (FSU) – £5750 I don’t like to swear. I don’t like to hear other people swear. You can call me a

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Seiko Novelties 2020

Seiko hardly ever disappoint when they decide to add to their popular Presage and Prospex families. The Presage line was immediately admired upon its inception

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Bremont Novelties 2020

ALT1-C Rose The Bremont Rose is released to commemorate Bremont becoming Official Timekeeper to the England Rugby Team and the Twickenham Stadium. What I love

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Breitling FAQS

Is Breitling a good watch? At Andrew Michaels Jewellers ( we sell about 1500 Breitlings each year. Primarily this shows how desirable Breitling watches are,

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