Chopard Mille Miglia Chronograph Classic

I have introduced the Mille Miglia XL GT range in two other reviews. Within these articles I explained about the classic Mille Miglia race and why it is so important for Chopard to be a part of it.

Please follow the links below to read these two articles on two of the models within the Mille Miglia XL GT range:

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Chopard’s integrity as a watch manufacture is discussed here:

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Therefore, I will not cover old ground and I will simply introduce the two remaining collections from the fabulous Chopard Mille Miglia range through a pictorial celebration.

The first of the these two models is the Mille Miglia Chronograph. As with the complete range this classical looking timepiece comes with a chronometer rated highly reworked ETA based movement that can be viewed through a sapphire glass exhibition caseback. The lines are pure and this model makes the most sense as an homage to the classical automobiles that grace the Mille Miglia race each year. Many of the classical cars that take part in the Mille Miglia are understandably Italian. This, therefore, means that a lot of them are red. However, my favourite colour for a classic car is silver. This colour more than any other projects and emphasizes the classic aerodynamic and graceful lines of these 1920s to 1950s thoroughbred beauties. Therefore, I was delighted to see that Chopard had used this classical colour on the dial of the Mille Miglia Chronograph. As with the pre-1060s cars the silver catches the sunlight to dazzling effect and also rebounds any surrounding colour to create an ever-changing dial.

The Mille Miglia Chronograph is available in steel, with a black or silver dial, or there is a Limited Edition version in rose gold with a silver dial.

The size is still a contemporary 42mm in diameter and 12.3mm in depth. With the addition of the super flexible rubber strap, with its 1960s Dunlop tyre inspired design, this elegant watch wears incredibly comfortable on the wrist.

This model offers an incredible amount for the money.
Now sit back and enjoy this marvellous design that so perfectly reflects the classical and desirable machines that join in the celebratory race of the same name:

The Stainless Steel Black dialled version:



The wonderful elements that make up the stunning Stainless Steel silver dialled version:

















Coming in at just over a few hundred pounds more than the Mille Miglia Chronograph above is the more contemporary and sporty GMT Chronograph. This also offers excellent value for money because it adds a GMT function, the wonderfully designed and soft racing glove inspired strap, double deployment buckle and magnifying cylops for the date.

This model is available in Stainless Steel with black, white or anthracite dials, DLC cased version or in rose gold with a grey dial. My pick of the bunch is the anthracite dialled version featured below. The light is constantly refracted to differing levels resulting in a multi-faceted marvel. The GMT Chronograph is very utilitarian with its multiple functions. It is very comfortable on the wrist even though it wears bigger than its 42.5mm diameter would suggest. This is mainly due to the, aforementioned, beautiful strap that is the perfect fit, both aesthetically and comfort wise.

Once again I welcome you to take in the glorious individual elements and overall design of this fantastic member of the Mille Miglia Collection:

The understated black dialled version:



The cool Limited Edition DLC cased version:




The glorious anthracite dialled version:
















All words and pictures by Rick Atkins (unless otherwise stated). No reproduction of this of this article in whole or in part is allowed without the permission of the author.


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