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Let’s face it: If you know why this watch is called the Murph then you will want one already. However, I hope this preview will enlighten those not aware of the significance and also introduce the superb details.

I’m going to try and remain as unbiased as possible throughout this composition, but I am incredibly excited about this release. Ever since we introduced Hamilton as one of our authorised brands at Andrew Michaels Jewellers, I have been hassling them to create their most iconic of movie watches. I’m sure this exceptional new watch has absolutely nothing to do with my constant pestering, but I was always bemused why they would not introduce a “Murph” into the catalogue. However, even I could not have expected Hamilton to create such a perfect rendition.

For those of you still perplexed as to what all this “Murph” talk is about please allow me to divulge.

Hamilton have the most appearances in films for any luxury watch brand, with over 500 appearances. This started in 1932 with the Hamilton Flintridge and Piping Rock watches getting prominent screen time.

However, even with this unprecedented history on film the unique utilisation of a bespoke Khaki Field in the Interstellar movie caused the biggest emotional stir amongst watch collectors the world over.

The two reasons for this are that the watch plays an integral part in the movie’s story line and, also, the fact that the watch was custom made for the movie and was not available to buy.

If you haven’t seen the film yet go and treat yourself to the blu-ray edition. It is a superb film and there are a lot of wonderful extras that go some way to explaining the mind-bending space and time travels within the plot. There’s far too many paradox for me to follow on a single viewing.

A couple of enterprising folk realised that the basic premise for the watch was a Khaki Field with Pioneer hands and dial and produced their own. This made the desire for this watch release even higher. And begged the question, why were Hamilton not able to release this sure-fire winner?

So, this is why I am so excited about this fantastic timepiece and had my name down on the list for one from the first day of the announcement.


The case is a standard Khaki Field 42mm in steel, the exact same as was used in Insterstellar.

Khaki Field Murph Auto | Hamilton Watch - H70605731
Image courtesy of hamiltonwatch.com

Other than that, this it is very loyal to the screen version. The plain black dial has contrasting beige (faux patina?) markings and the Pioneer hands, mentioned previously, are present and correct. All apart from one significant, yet discrete, addition to the seconds hand. The word “Eureka” has been presented in Morse code. Murph, as an adult, shouts Eureka when she works out how to save humanity (not a spoiler alert because you knew it would happen) and Joseph, her father, communicates the relevant 5th dimension data from a black hole to Murphy, through this very watch, using Morse code. What a brilliant addition. The watch clearly needed some dial side reference to the film but could easily have looked cheesy with any kind of Murph quotes or Interstellar logos. Here lies the true desirability and covetability of this timepiece: It became the connection, and ultimately the emotional tie, between father and daughter as they each battled to try and save the human race from its own exacerbated extinction.

Eureka presented in Morse Code on the seconds hand.

Khaki Field Murph Auto | Hamilton Watch - H70605731
Image courtesy of hamiltonwatch.com

The strap was also unique on the film version in black alligator. This adds a bit of luxury to a collectible, albeit utilitarian, timepiece. The interior of the strap is lined with a beige calf leather that mirrors the dials accents, which is a very nice aesthetic touch. There is also an upgrade to the pin buckle over the standard Khaki Field.

Khaki Field Murph Auto | Hamilton Watch - H70605731
Image courtesy of hamiltonwatch.com

The very same strap that was used in in Interstellar.

The upgraded pin buckle

The movement is the highly underrated H-10 with 80 hour power reserve.

I love how close the final amalgamation of case, hands and dial resembles the Hamilton World War II Military Observatory watches that were issued to the US forces.

There will be two versions of the Murph available: The first 2555 examples (to reflect the fact that 1 hour on Miller’s planet is equivalent to 2555 earth days: again you need to see the film) will come in a spectacular and covetable box. This was designed by Nathan Crowley, who was production designer for Interstellar, and represents a tesseract, which, as I understand it, is how our future selves (who have learnt to control the fourth and fifth dimensions) allowed Joseph to communicate with Murph, even though they were about 30 years apart. This takes a wonderful homage watch and puts it into the collectable stratosphere.

Khaki Field Murph Auto | Hamilton Watch - H70605731
Image courtesy of hamiltonwatch.com

A very special booklet, explaining the significance of the Murph watch, the tesseract box and the Morse Cade on the seconds hand is included in the wonderful packaging.

The price in the UK, for both versions, is £835. Some prospective purchasers have questioned why this is double the price of the standard Khaki Field. However, I would say the movement and strap are an upgrade for starters. Then factor in the box with booklet plus the additional detail on the seconds hand and the Hamilton “Murph” stands up to any other special edition timepiece on the market.


Who doesn’t love a movie watch?

And now, there is the Hamilton Murph that easily sits high up on the desirability ladder for timepieces utilised in films.. There can be no denying its iconic credentials, given that not one of the above-mentioned watches were designed specifically for a movie and then became an important part of the plot, and story telling. As mentioned previously, I believe the asking price for the Murph in the Tesseract box to be fair. Given this relatively small numbered release I predict these going up in value for the future.

The Khaki Field watches have always been very comfortable on the wrist when presented on their very supple leather or alligator straps.

After a very enjoyable week of wearing this extraordinary timepiece I have noticed a time loss of about 3-4 seconds per day. This is more than acceptable for an 80 hour power reserve mechanical timepiece at this price point.

Overall, I could not be more delighted with my Hamilton Murph. Even taking away the movie icon status (with that cleverly discrete morse code Eureka) you are left with a beautiful, yet utilitarian style, timepiece with a fine finish to the case, an historically pertinent and stunning dial and hands, a great movement and a comfortable alligator strap. Day to day wear is an absolute pleasure. And then, you get to lovingly place the watch in its incredible and rare tesseract box, completing the overall package and sensation of owning something truly special.

Home sweet home

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