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Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko was created in 1960 to fulfil Seiko’s aspirations of creating the ideal watch. Each luxury timepiece design concentrated on precision, durability and beauty to the highest possible standards. Case finishing utilises the unique, within the watch trade, method of Zaratsu polishing. This highly crafted process employs the same techniques used for millennia on Katana sword blades. Despite having over 13000 employees only a handful are able to perform this intricate process by hand. Each element of each watch is meticulously thought through to allow the best comfort and best legibility possible. The rates of accuracy of completed watches are superior to the Chronometer rated movements passing the COSC tests. This includes the quartz movements that are guaranteed to 5 or 10 seconds per year. These exemplars of craftsmanship need to be seen and held to be truly appreciated.


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