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Hublot watches have become a dominant force in the high end utilitarian watch industry, with a massive fan base, bordering on cultism, within a short period of time. Initially starting out as MDM watches in 1976, Carlo Crocco created the brand because he wanted a luxury watch that would easily withstand life on his yacht. Fast track a few years, after relative obscurity, and Jean Claude Biver (industry genius, having previously saved Blancpain and Omega) becomes CEO of the brand and creates the Big Bang. Hublot watches are all beautifully crafted and yet designed to withstand anything you can throw at it. A Hublot epitomises the one watch ideal (Ie, the only watch you'll ever need). Hugely popular, innovative, covetable and aspirational. Hublot are here to stay at the very top of the horological game.


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